Can Footnote span style be changed?

I want to change some styles in footnote like:
Text Alignment
Text Direction
Text Background Color
But I am unable to do so.
I tried to inter the following code in CSS, though it is being shown in SAB book styles but not working in the app:

span.fqa {
font-style: normal;
text-align: center;
direction: RTL;

I am using SAB 10.3 Build release 112 and testing on IOS Simulator.
How can I do that, please guide.

Do you know if this works on Windows for Android apps? If yes, it’s a problem on SAB for Mac and we can report it as a bug.

Tried on Android. Same issue with android also observed.
The stated settings aren’t working on either Android or IOS, though SAB is showing in styles menu…

I think this issue is with all the span styles.
With div styles, all settings are working fine.

I see. @mcquayi would you have time to check this out and write a bug report?

You are in a span. A text-align is irrelevant to a span it only affects paragraphs or blocks.

Is it the RTL that is not working?

You could make that span an inline block display:inline-block then the styles may work as you want since as you noted it works in a block. Not tested.