Can't find the audio file converter that was in SAB 10

Has this audio file format converter been removed from SAB? Is there another user friendly tool to convert mp3 to webm?

Roger Green

It is still there. Go to the Book Collection > Book, select the Audio Files tab, select one or more audio files, right-click and select convert audio.

It is not showing for me. This is v 11.0.2 ffmpeg is installed on my root dir c:\ does it need to be located in a different directory to work with SAB? -Roger

@rgreen620, I downloaded your project from Scriptoria (#78) and open it on both Windows and macOS. I see the “Convert Audio Files…” menu on both platforms for MAT 9 (and it both book collections). And mine reports the size as (Not found).

I went to the Bible Brain MP3 Downloads page and downloaded the N. Thai audio and added it to the project. I still saw the “Convert Audio Files…” menu.

A while ago, we started including ffmpeg in the SAB app directory (on Windows, it is installed to %ProgramFiles(x86)%\SIL\Scripture App Builder\bin\ffmpeg.exe. We used to depend on Aeneas being installed.

I just looked in the code and we are still checking for Aeneas! Oops! This will be fixed in the next release.

In the meantime, you can work-around this by installing Aeneas 1.7.3 with Python 3. Then the menu option should show.


Thank you Chris, What is “MAT 9” you mentioned.

Since you downloaded the project did you note when first installed that the audio downloads, but does not play–the Play button just continues circling. See my post

Mark audio is included in the assets of the app above and always plays reliably. The rest of the NT downloads from the FCBH Bible Brain. After installing, when a non-Mark audio file is selected for playing, the download popup opens and the file downloads and the popup closes, but the file does not play. The rotating, in process circle around the PLAY button continues indefinitely. Swiping to the chapter before and clicking the play button will repeat this behavior. Selecting a shorter audio file like Jude, seems to work correctly and after one file downloads and plays correctly some or all the chapters that previously did not play, now play OK. Also if several attempts are made to play other chapters usually after 4-5 unsuccessful attempts a file downloads and plays.

The app was tested on several phones with Android 13 and Android 10. The android 10 phone, has a slightly different response. After clicking the first non-Mark file to play, it downloads, but does not play. Selecting a 2nd chapter usually works and plays the audio, and the initial chapter that did not play, now plays OK. The Android 7 phone downloads the audio, but does not start playing it. The play button does not keep circling, and pressing the PLAY again starts playing the audio as it should.

Inspection of the audio file download folder shows that the app did in fact download all the files clicked. They all play normally when played in another audio player. So something in the app hesitates after the download to start playing the audio.

A yet unpublished new version of the app compiled with SAB 11.0.2 has the same behavior.

Remedies that did not improve or change the problem behavior:

Downloading mp3 or webm files made no difference

Downloading from either the standard FCBH server or the -opus16 server made no difference.

Any combination of the downloading/streaming option, or the audio file download user option (both set in Navigation Drawer/Setting in SAB) made no difference.

Setting the app to search other folders, or not do so made no difference.

The app Project files built with SAB 11.0.2 can be downloaded here

After installing Aeneas the convert audio menu option did show, but our downloaded audio still does not play upon first download in the app.