Can't get out of the sample project

I’m trying version and I just see the login screen for the sample project.The document says I should be able to choose the interface language and then choose the sample project or start a new project, but I didn’t see any of that. I don’t see any menus, just the login screen for Adam, Rachel or Tommy.

I’ve gotten a bit further now. I’ve figured out I can log on as Adam, right click on the ellipsis and choose “New project”. But when I tried that, it said it could not find any Paratext projects, but I do have Paratext installed.

Thanks for trying out SIL Transcriber. Would you be willing to do a short screen sharing session with the SIL developers to see your Transcriber and Paratext configuration? I am thinking there may be a Paratext configuration that we are not supporting.

Also, we are looking into the language picker issue.

Actually, after a couple of tries, Transcriber detected my Paratext.
I’ve created a new project and a new user. I found it baffling that there is no “Save” button when you create a new user or task but I figured out if I clicked “Back” the user and task data was saved.

Now I’ve created a sample task, did a transcription and reviewed it. Transcriber says the task is Synced, but I don’t see the transcription in Paratext.


The key to getting the transcriber to save Transcriptions in Paratext is to choose the Paratext project when setting up the project. We don’t have logic in the UI currently for associating the Transcriber project with a Paratext project after the Transcriber project is created.

It is also important to make sure that the Scripture referencing is set up in the Paratext project. The book abbreviations need to be set in Paratext since they will be used to know which book to put the transcription in.


Thanks Greg. I have gotten two tasks to update Paratext OK. Two quirks I was not expecting:

  1. The reference can’t be to a single verse,but to a verse range. Single verse references get flagged as invalid by transcriber.
  2. The transcribed text only appears in Paratext when you exit the program and start it again.

But now I know these things, so Transcriber does appear to be working.

Yes, although item #2 is a “feature” of Paratext. If you close and open the book (or perhaps even the chapter?) Paratext will display the updated content. In other words, Paratext needs to be “forced” to re-read the content from the disk.

Yes, that makes sense.

Thank you for sharing your issues with us, Steve. You say,

I found it baffling that there is no “Save” button when you create a new user or task but I figured out if I clicked “Back” the user and task data was saved.

This is helpful. I’m trying to move away from using Save buttons, as there are some UX gotchas with them, but auto-saving is not without its design challenges. Right now, we’re still struggling with consistency and helping users to know that auto-saves are taking place.

Here are a few ways to make progress on this issue:

  1. Make sure that all menus consistently use auto-save in lieu of manual save (notably the user settings menu).
  2. Show a snackbar that tells users when an auto-save is happening (on the backlog).
  3. Don’t show submenus on the right side of the screen. This may feel like a dead end to left-to-right users. (Design changes in this direction will require significantly more thought.)