Can't Remove Custom Language in Interface Tab

Solved (I think): I think the problem was that I trying to create 2 custom languages with the same language code. Because of this, they were getting confused behind the scenes and causing the apparent issues I was having. So to show a custom language in two different scripts, I think you need to create to custom languages but make sure they have different language codes. I would suggest a note be added to SAB somewhere so users know this as I imagine I’m not the only one that will want to create an interface with 2 different scripts of the same language.

Issue: I can’t delete a custom language (a RTL script) in the Interface tab in SAB 4.2 for Windows in an App Project created before SAB 4.0 (i.e. before the Interface tab existed). Even if I create several new custom languages (example New1 and New2) and try to delete the original custom language, the original custom language name jumps over to New1. This happens whether I have the original custom language selected to be used or not selected to be used as an interface option.

I decided to try to close the app project and re-open it as I don’t think I had closed the project (which existed before SAB 4.0) since I had first opened it for the first time in SAB 4.2. After I re-opened the project, the custom language I couldn’t delete before appeared as though it had been deleted. However, when I re-created the custom language, it keeps getting messed up in various ways.

I’m not sure if this has to do with something still existing in the background because it existed before SAB 4.0. Or if the custom language is RTL and naming it with a RTL Arabic-based script name causes problems. Or because I want to create a second custom language with the same language code but in a Latin based, LTR script.

This is important because I want to have 2 custom languages with the same language code but different scripts.