Can't switch between Keyman keyboards

In SAB 7.0.1 Android, I have two Keyman keyboards added. Both keyboards show up in the list when I click the globe icon in my app, but choosing the 2nd keyboard doesn’t change anything.

Also, when I delete a Keyman keyboard from SAB, it disappears from my list, but still gets included in the app.

Not that this will necessarily solve your problem, but try updating to 7.0.3 - I am working with multiple keyboards on 7.0.3 and it is working as expected. Try it and let us know.

Still not working for me. @Corey_Garrett are your multiple keyboards for the same language? I have two different keyboard layouts for the same language. Of course in SAB I can only select one for the collection.

I am looking at the switching function and seeing the problem. I will work on filing a bug report. If you can let me know a few things I will put it in the report to give the devs some more info.

  • Do you have the normal Keyman app installed on that device?
  • Are those keyboards that you created with Keyman Developer or ones you downloaded from the site? If from the site please let me know which ones.
  • Just confirming - is this SAB (rather than RAB)?