Can't upload to App Store because app must "specify either 'INSendMessageIntent'..."

I’m trying to upload an update to the Apple App Store with Firebase Analytics added. However, after uploading I got an email error:

ITMS-90894: Missing Info.plist value - Apps with the entitlement must specify either ‘INSendMessageIntent’ or ‘INStartCallIntent’ in the value of the NSUserActivityTypes Info.plist key.

App built with SAB 9.2.1 and xcode 13. Any idea on how can I fix this?

I presume you have added the iOS app to a Firebase Project, download the PLIST file (see the SAB iOS documentation - section 17) and added the file to your SAB project (I would give you a screenshot, but I’m on my PC right now)?

Maybe do this again if you have already done it.

I have uploaded 6 apps to the App Store with success, but I originally built with a slightly older version of SAB, so I can’t be sure if this is a bug introduced in 9.2.1, although I doubt it.

I think these might come into play if you added the capabilities for Time Sensitive Notifications or Communications Notifications in the Apple Developer Console identifier for this application. The only capabilities you should need are the Push Notifications for Firebase Cloud Messaging or Verse of the Day, Daily Reminder, and Associated Domain capability if using Deep Linking. I think this error message will appear if the App profile is set with these capabilities and the application doesn’t set up to use them internally. We automatically set info.plist variables as required for the push notification and associated domain capabilities, if the app is configured to use them. Since we don’t use the other capabilities, you would get an error if they were set.

Thank you, that was the problem. I had added Communication Notifications thinking that was necessary. I removed that from the App configuration, generated a new profile config and it uploaded just fine.

This was a very helpful line. This would be great to add to the “Installing and Building Apps on a Mac” pdf

Good suggestion. I updated section 8.3 of the document step 9 (which previously said that none of the capabilities needed to be checked) to read:
9. Of the App Capabilities, there are only two that may need to be checked. Check the Push Notifications capability if the app uses Firebase Cloud Messaging, Verse of the Day, or Daily Reminders. Check the Associated Domain capability if using Deep Linking.