Capability of sending text AND audio for that verse

I really like the new “verse of the day” feature but I would like to request that when we forward a Bible verse we have the capability of sending text AND audio for that verse. Is there a chance of making this feature available in the next upgrade? Thanks Craig

Hello fellow Craig,
This feature does exist already.
In the Verse-on-Image tab you need to select the video option ‘Allow saving as a video…’ as well:

If that doesn’t work, check that it is also allowed in the book collection Sharing tab.
In the app, Share Video appears just under Share Audio on the Verse-on-Image screen. This shares a video which is the Verse-on-Image with audio.
You can also share just the audio by tapping on a verse and selecting Share, ‘share text’, ‘share audio’, or ‘share video’ are the 3 options. The audio for that verse will be shared as an mp3 file. If you share a video this way the a different kind of video is made, it is the text, phrase-by-phrase, on a blue background,

You mentioned:
If that doesn’t work, check that it is also allowed in the book collection Sharing tab.
Can you send me a screen shot and step by step directions on how to find this: book collection Sharing tab:
Under the app, I found: app, publishing, about, analytics, audio, video, etc etc. Are you referring to the video there? If so, I could not find a “book sharing option” there.
Within “verse on image,” I did check “allow saving as a video” but I don’t get the image combined with the audio file.
When I selected “share” it only gave me the option to share text. It did not give me the option to ‘share audio’, or ‘share video’ .

I mean on this page:

Under Books you have book collection(s) (these are normally different languages). Once you tap on a book collection there is a tab called Sharing and you can turn it on or off for each book collection. Almost every option that can be selected for the whole app can be disabled for certain book collections. Verse-on-image and the video option are switched off in my published app for now due to how big it makes the app, although I have made an app with them for myself.
In the app, the video options looks like this:

If these are ticked and it still doesn’t work, please get back to us. I can’t think of anything else, but someone else will. :slight_smile: