Change font size on glossary words

I am using the glossary feature to hyperlink to an array of Bible verse selections. So in the main text the \w …\w* words are actually scripture references like, \w Job 2:7\w*

I mostly have these references in a \r line which has a smaller font size than the body text (that’s good!)

However, I have some references inline with other ‘paragraph’ text. I would like to reduce the size of the \w …\w* marked references to the same size as the \r references.

I have tried various other span styles but it seems that they are either do nothing, or mess up the \w formatting.

Is it true to say that span styles can’t be embedded in other span styles? Would there be another way to accomplish what I want, or should I forget it?


See CSS Selectors Reference

You are probably looking for one of these:

Selector Example Example description
element element div p Selects all

elements inside

element>element div > p Selects all

elements where the parent is a


Although, simply styling the \w as the \r.
Looking at div.r in the Styles tab, you will see the default font-size is 90%.
Setting span.w font-size as 90% will mean that it will be 90% of 90% (81%) within the \r’s.
You can then override the 81% size by setting div.r span.w font-size to inherit or 100% or 90% (test them in that order) and see which works. This should work since it is more specific than span.w or div.r.

Thanks for the clues Greg.
I was forgetting that the font attributes were in the \r not the \w
I can prob do it by adding attributes to the \w and then adjusting up the \r

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