Changing from mp3 download to webm download-New features needed to search for mp3 or webm files

We are condidering changing our app audio from mp3 audio to comparable webm audio since it is 1/3 the size. But since our app has been in use since 2017 and many users have the mp3 files already downloaded to their phones. If we change to webm audio, SAB will ignore the mp3 audio, and download the new webm files, even if mp3 files exist in the folders below.

SAB 10.1.1 downloads mp3 files to a download folder in internal memory to
/storage/emulated/0/Music/APP NAME/Download/

.webm audio files are downloaded to a different location
/storage/emulated/0/Movies/APP NAME/Download/

SAB needs a feature to search for filename.mp3 or filename.webm so users who currently can listen to downloaded mp3 audio, without downloading, will be able to continue to do so.

If you are considering switching your app to download webm, you might consider if your current users have a lot of mp3 audio already downloaded on their phones. It may be worth waiting until there is more flexibility in the downloading and audio file management within SAB.

  • A feature that deleted sab mp3 audio if identical filename .webm audio was found would save phone storage.
  • A setting to allow downloaded audio to be saved on the SD card/external storage (if available) would also help.
  • Several have already requested SAB have an option to download the entire book or NT audio.

Even though .webm files can be 1/4 to 1/3 of the size to a comparable audio mp3 file, current download times are about the same for either format, at least from the FCBH Bible Brain-DBP4 server.

If you build apps with the audio included in the app assets, webm offers the advantage of making your app much smaller. Some New Testament apps with 8bit webm encoding may be small enough for the Google Playstore.

Thanks for continued development/improvement of SAB.

Roger G