Chapter number on app bar book collection specific

I would like to have the chapter number in one book collection but not in another.
One book collection is a story book with 70 chapters. It is useful to have the chapter numbers for that and the number in the app bar. So in that book collection I have the entire book in one document with 70 chapters.
I used the options:
Features>Navigation>Show chapter number on app bar.
Features>Navigation>Show chapter selector immediately after the user selects a book.
Turning these on gives me the result I want for the Story Book.

I also have a group of articles. These are independent, they do not follow on from each other so I don’t want to label them 1,2,3… To do this I made them all separate Word files and they are separate Books in another Book Collection. This way users can choose what to read based on the title. Each book is only 1 chapter so it is best not to have the chapter in the app bar.
Turning the above options off gives me the result I want for the Articles.

Is there a way to change this on a Book Collection level?

Another solution for this would be the option to hide the chapter number for books that only have 1 chapter.