"Chapter numbers" in Glossary

I’ve recently changed my glossary to have imbedded audio clips, instead of one big downloadable audio file. This has a number of advantages.

Further, in order to get my glossary items not to show up in word search (see topic: Glossary with Audio), all USFM markings in the glossary have been changed to Introduction markings. (Peripheral material doesn’t show up in word search, apparently.)

However, the glossary in our app now appears with “i” (abbreviation for “introduction”) and an arrow drop-down menu beside it. Is there any way to hide / not have this? (There is no “chapter 1”.)

We are using dummy chapters in our glossary, where each chapter relates to one letter of our alphabet. So we get nice access to each set through the content-navigation in the apps.

We then re-lable the “numbers” to show the actual word-initial-letters for each set of glossary entries.

I will try to link to a thread from the RAB forum, where you can see how you can change the “numbers” to “letters”. And if you still want to hide those numbers, you could test if it will accept something like a “space” under \cp