Chapter numbers is Psalms, numbers only appear at ch 1, 42... (beginning of groups of Psalms)

The translators asked if we could have the equivalent of ‘Psalm 1,2…’ at the top of each Psalm in the app.
At first I thought this would be a lot of work, but in Books>Book Collection>Features I enabled ‘Show chapter numbers’ for Psalms only.
This made it show ‘Psalm 1’ at the top of the page instead of just the number which is what we wanted (this was in the Paratext as there is a different suffix on the word to connect it to a number).
However, there is a superfluous ‘1’ above the ‘BOOK I, Psalms 1–41’. This does not appear in the following chapters. At first I thought it might be for the first Psalm Collection (1-41), but when I went to 42 it said ‘42’, not ‘2’.
Can someone suggest how we get rid of this?
Ps 1:


Can you put in the SFM for Psalm 1?

Thanks for the suggestion, I tried adding a file I found ‘20-PSAKSS.usfm’, as opposed to the ‘psa.usx’ that I normally have. This produced the same result.
Is this what you meant?
It looks like this in the sfm file:
\c 1
\ms1 کۆکراوەی بەشی یەکەم (first collection)
\mr زەبوورەکانی 1‏–41 (Psalms 1-41)
\cl زەبووری 1 (Psalm 1)

\c 2
\cl زەبووری 2 (Psalm 2)

For some reason selecting ‘Show Chapter Numbers’ makes it display both the ‘c’ and the ‘cl’ when there is also the ‘ms’ and ‘mr’ in between. But when there is only the ‘c’ and ‘cl’ it displays only the ‘cl’.

Yes I see the dilemma. You want the \ms1 and \mr before the \cl. Since that is a group of Psalms heading. The problem is the whole structure of things is based around chapters. The \cl is meant to go immediately after the \c.

I’d suggest that you just use another SFM that has similar formatting instead of the \cl that follows a \mr. Changes could be used to do that. All the other \cl that follow a \c work as expected.

Though you may need a \cl containing a space after the \c. I have not tested.

I played with it a bit just now:
In the sfm I added a cl\ (with a space) above the \ms1 and \mr and then the cl\ ‘first collection’ after:

\c 1
\ms1 کۆکراوەی بەشی یەکەم
\mr زەبوورەکانی 1‏–41
\cl زەبووری 1

It looks like this in the View in Browser:
there is an unnecessary space between the main book title line and the ‘first collection’ line but it is an improvement on the extra number 1.