Chapter selector for Psalms - not showing all chapter numbers

SAB (latest) normally has 5 chapter numbers across, like here in the book of Job:

But for some reason in the book of Psalms it is trying to put 6 chapter numbers across, and the sixth number is not showing up:

You can tap in the little piece of the square that is showing, to get the missing chapter number, but that’s not ideal. I have made some changes to the book-list, book-grid and book-group-title styles, but all of the chapter selector styles all use their defaults, so it seems like this should be a general problem. Are other people seeing this problem? Why is SAB doing this for Psalms? Is there a limit on the length of the chapter selector pane, so it has to add another chapter number to each row?

Is there a style I can change to recover that sixth chapter number as a work-around?

Additional information: If I choose the grid view of books, the initial menu is wider, and all of the chapters in Psalms show up. So is there a way that I can change the width of the list view of books to be the same width as the grid view?

OK, I think this is actually a bug. If I start the app and immediately open the book menu to Psalms, it shows all of the numbers, 6 to a row. And if I then open other books, it shows 5 chapters to a row, but there is a fairly wide space to the right (room for a 6th number!). BUT if I start the app and open any other book (at least the ones I tried), it shows all of the numbers, 5 to a row. But then if I open Psalms afterwards, it puts 6 to a row, but the menu has the width of 5 to a row, so you can only see a sliver of every 6th chapter number, as shown in the menu above.

If you open the grid view of books, it gives you room for the 6 chapters by default.

Actually, I’m not sure my analysis above is correct… Now what I’m seeing is that if you are in list view, if the currently selected book is Psalms, then it makes the menu wide enough for 6 chapters (but all of the books only show 5 chapters in a row, except Psalms). If the currently selected book is not Psalms, then it makes the menu wide enough for 5 chapter numbers, but if you select Psalms it doesn’t expand the menu to show the 6 chapter numbers.

Bottom line is that it sometimes cuts off the chapter numbers but only in Psalms, because it tries to put 6 chapter numbers across. Can you just make it so that Psalms also shows 5 chapter numbers in each row? That would make the menu a little longer, but it would avoid this whole confusion. If that’s not possible (e.g. if there is a maximum menu length that would be exceeded), then I would suggest that you ALWAYS make the menu wide enough for 6 chapter numbers, and you can decide whether you want to also put 6 chapter numbers per row for the other books, or leave it at 5 and have a little extra space. (I would prefer the latter, I think, as it is easier to find chapter numbers with multiples of 5.)

Thanks for the bug report it is in added to the bug list.

I am having the same problem. I had thought it had something to do with the phones zoom settings since that seemed to make a difference but then it came back again. When I open a new book, if it has enough chapters to make 6 columns, the 6th column is missing. If I open it to any chapter that is visible, from that point on if I don’t open another book all the chapters display properly in that book. But if I go out of that book to another one, when I return to it the 6th column of chapters are missing again.

Please try SAB 8.6.5, and see if it resolves the issue for you. Thanks for reporting it!

Building with SAB 8.6.5 seems to take care of the problem. Thank you @richard !

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