Chapters don't scroll automatically when illustrations are inserted

We are doing some story apps but we are using standard SFM files with inserted illustrations (the images are portrait orientation). There is also audio in the app and it’s synchronized with the text. Unfortunately, in this mode the text doesn’t scroll automatically when the audio plays. The highlighting moves out of sight and the user has to manually follow it. Can this be fixed? Thanks.

Can you give me a URL for the app so I can look at it?

You can look at this app:
Tap the second item in the Contents menu. The scrolling works until the audio reaches the first image, then it doesn’t work anymore.
This problem is in Android. I just tested it on iOS and there it works.

Follow-up on this: I did some further testing today and after re-building the apps it appears to be working. No idea why, it may be that the previous app versions were created with SAB 4.6, not 4.7 (it wasn’t me who did the initial work).

I also had the same issue in previous versions (4.3?) and now in 4.7 scrolling works correctly with multiple images and synched audio within a single chapter.