Character replacement

The translation text I used contains diacritics and circumflex. However, I do not want the user to enter the diacritics and circumflex in the words of the search box. Irrespective of whether they include the diacritics and circumflex in the search keywords, is it possible that the search results would still show those words or phrase that contains the diacritic and circumflex characters? Can the search engine search the Bible text as below:

È as E
Û as U
à as a
á as a
â as a
ã as a
ä as a
å as a
è as a
é as e
ê as e
ë as e
ì as i
í as i
î as i
ó as o
ù as u
ú as u
û as u
ă as a
ĕ as e
ĭ as i
ŭ as u
ǐ as i

What you are asking is handled already in the Features section (Left side) and the Search tab on the right side.

I have Highlighted the most relevant sections.

Get back to me if you need more help.

Great. I was wondering what those were actually doing. I was confused at first as the search result didn’t show me the words with the diacritic or circumflex signs. After trying this out, it seems to be working but without the diacritic or circumflex signs in the search result:

\u0300 \u0301 \u0302 \u0303 \u0304 \u0306 \u0308 á>a à>a â>a ã>a ä>a å>a ă>a è>e é>e ê>e ĕ>e ì>i í>i î>i ĭ>i ŭ>u ǐ>i ó>o ù>u ú>u û>u

Question about the search feature:
How does the search feature actually works? Is it only for one word? When I search for more than two keywords, it doesn’t show me any result if the searched keywords does match the corresponding words in the Bible text.


You can do a word or a phrase search. You can’t search for non sequential words.

Perhaps maybe in future updates, the search can be improved so that users will be able to search for non sequel words. Searching for just a word would not make much sense unless the user byheart some part of the verse (different versions different sentence formation again).

On this forum start a new topic and set it to Scripture App Builder - Feature Request.

Topic: Search for two non-contiguous words in the one verse (or paragraph)

Up to you to refine what you want and how you explain it.

Then others can choose to vote for the feature request or not.

Thanks! I think this might be very useful for the overall users.