Clean up 'output' folder?

Would it be possible to ‘clean up’ the PTXprint output folder? When PTXprint runs, it creates 8 files (or maybe even 9 [does it create a .SFM file?]), , one of which is the PDF… Would it be possible to bundle the other 7 (or 8) into a folder? Or remove them altogether (or maybe I can just delete them after the PDF I want has been produced)? It would make finding the PDF among all the other files somewhat easier. :wink: Thanks for considering it.


There is a button on the Advanced tab which can “Remove Temp Files”. I think this does what you’re looking for.


That’s it, jklassen. I’ll try to remember that’s there. I don’t find the UI the most natural way to do things–there’s so much packed into each page!–but the tool works, for which I’m thankful.