Clear or close multiple apps open in SAB, DAB, or RAB

We in Kalaam, and possibly others, work with lots of apps. For us it’s literally 100’s of apps, so maybe this is not a problem for most of the app builders like it is for us.

After a while we end up with a lot of “open” apps in each product; SAB, RAB, and DAB. This is what I currently have open in SAB and DAB. Note the slide side bar.


It would be really nice to have a feature to close multiple apps; like there is to open them. At this point in time, there is no way to do so without clicking on each app and then selecting “Close”. I know there is a list somewhere telling the app program what files to show when it opens each time but it is buried in hidden files and probably in a different place on a Mac than a Windows machine. Finding it and editing it in a text editor is the only way to achieve this…when you can locate it - which I can’t. Therefore this post.

If this feature could be added to the File menu that would be a great help. I envision a "Close Multiple Apps…) option similar to an “Open Multiple Apps…”

If this is more hassle than its worth, then a help/forum post, on where to find the “secret file” would be a great benefit. Thanks for considering this as a possible future feature.

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For anyone needing this information the location (on Mac) for this list of open apps is:
~/Library/Preferences/SIL/App\ Builder/settings.xml

FYI, the location on other operating systems:

Windows: %APPDATA%\SIL\App Builder
Linux: $HOME/.local/share/SIL/App Builder