Collabortively Build Apps

Hello App Builders!

How is the best way to build apps as a team? Or how can I share my app project with another user?

Example: I start the app project but then want to pass off the project to the SAB trained user so he/she can update the app (Paratext files) and then rebuild/update the app for testing. How can I pass off the app project to another user? Is it as simple as copy/paste \Documents\App Builder\Scripture Apps\App Projects(your project folder) to the other users directory? Can you use different keystores to build the same app?

Google Drive doesn’t work well with a collection of files in process, like SAB. We have found that a share DropBox works very well. The live data is in the Dropbox. I set the default project folder to be in my Dropbox and everything is shareable and maintained in the cloud. Like: C:\Users\xxx\Dropbox\SIL\App Builder\App Projects

Did anyone try collaborating using tools like git or mercurial? I keep a backup of the App Project folder in a private repository on BitBucket. I keep the keystore and other settings files also in this repo. I wish if this can be used for collaboration also.

I have used git for the timing files only but I think you can use it for the whole project as long as it is at the same path on every computer as the appDef file contains global paths to the different files in the project.
For example it should work if you have it under C:\AppBuilder\MyProject.