Compile natively for Linux

HearThis seems to have stabilized and become mostly feature complete. It seems like an appropriate time to request that what has become an essential, highly promoted SIL tool to be made available on Linux.

A few years ago, I made an attempt to port HearThis to Linux. The issue that I had was that there are audio feedback controls (the levels) that are Windows only. I believe the audio recording libraries were also an issue (Windows only). Just my $0.02…


Bloom is using much the same recording logic as HearThis, and has been ported to Linux, so that aspect of it might not be too difficult.
But taking on a second platform is a big deal for any product, both initially and in ongoing maintenance.

I vote YES for Hear This on Linux.

I vote yes, but I note that Peter evidently missed the “voting box” in the upper left corner, since I’m the only one who clicked up there.