Contens window - popup booklist and search in Play Store

I’ve built a Songbook app but something does not work properly.

I basically have two books in one book collection.

One is the Index with a Thematic index and the actual Songs. In the contents I have these two books listed and these two books show up in the popup. If I choose the Songs from the popup it brings me to the number index of the songs – perfect. If I chose Songs from the content page it brings me to the first song of all the songs – Not what I want.

How do I fix that?

If you are willing to share your app project I can look at it. What is your source document in?

If I were you I’d be ditching the auto song menu, and Index and creating a Contents menu with Song numbers, Song titles, song first lines, and then your Thematic index. I actually create a Google Sheet to organize my contents menu then export a TSV files from that and use a script to generate a Contents Menu import.

Thank you Ian,
Sure I can share the app project. How do I do that and which files/folders do you need. The source file is a SFM txt file.

About the second suggestion, I’m not sure about how to do that. Never used Google sheet etc.

To share your project, zip up the project folder found in Documents\App Builder\Scripture Apps\App Projects Then in DropBox or Google Drive or another cloud sharing put a copy there and share the link with me by private message. Click on my head icon and choose message.

I’ll look at the project first.