Content menu idea and images for story pages


I have a Picture story book that has 142 stories. I’m trying to create a contents menu that links to each one of those stories. It is taking a lot of time to create an individual contents menu item for each individual story page (142 items). Would it be possible to have a feature that automatically populated the contents menu based on the pages that were available in the book? It could pull the title and image from each identified “Story page”. That would very much speed up the process.

A second request. As I added images to my individual “story pages”, I was forced to chose one image at a time for each individual page. With 142 pages it took quite some time. Could there be a way to target a folder of desired images and have them all imported at once and have the correctly labled image files ie 1, 2, 3 correspond with story page numbers. This would be especially useful for story books with large amounts of pages.

Thank you!