Continuous scrolling for a book, rather than by chapter

When a user opens a book, they can only see a chapter at a time. They have to swipe to the next chapter. This is not usually a problem, but there are a few places in Scripture where the chapter marker is really not in a good place and it would be wonderful if they could see the end of the previous chapter as well. In Logos Bible Software (Desktop at least), books are a continuous scroll so when you open John 8, you can scroll up to see the end of John 7 and still see John 8 on the same screen.

This matters because readers sometimes need a piece of information from the end of the previous chapter to understand the current one. Sometimes translation teams are asked to add information to the text to make up for this. Of course then if someone is reading both chapters together (like the texts were most likely intended to be read originally) then they get the information twice. It seems, to me at least, that it would be better to change the way the text is presented rather than changing the text.

I don’t know how SAB handles books currently (one HTML file per chapter?), but it seems like it could be possible to have a single HTML file and have each chapter as an anchor so when a user selects a chapter, the viewer scrolls to that anchor rather than opening a different file. I realize for long books like Psalms or Isaiah that may be too memory intensive. Maybe it would be possible to just display the chapter before and after the current one instead?

In any case, SAB is a fantastic tool and we’re so grateful to the development team for the many great features you have added and how easy the tool is to use. Thank you for your work!

This reminds me of when you turn a page in a book and can no longer see the previous word, phrase, sentence or paragraph.

There is a no-break marker in USFM \nb

Indicates “no-break” with previous paragraph (regardless of previous paragraph type).
Commonly used in cases where the previous paragraph spans the chapter boundary.

This is definitely a case where the user should at least be able to read the preceding paragraph.

We have notice some major issues with trying to implement continuous scrolling, that I would rather avoid this. I would rather have a grey (lighter text) last paragraph from the previous chapter visible only where there are no headings used at the beginning of the chapter.