Convert << to smart quotes

I am trying to convert << and >> quotes to smart quotes using the Changes feature (both levels) but an not succeeding. Any ideas?

Can you give details of what you have tried? Bit hard to guess your issue without hard facts.

I’m working on an app for a colleague whose project has << >> quotes that have not been converted to smart quotes. SAB has a funcion at app and book collection level to carry out conversions when the apk is built. I have tried using the gallery conversions and also using explicit unicode for the smart quotes.

Can you describe the changes that you have tried? Maybe a screen shot of the changes dialog boxes?

@Alex Here is what I would expect you would be using in your changes.

Description                 Find   Replace
Find Opening double quote   <<     \u201C 
Find Closing double quote   >>     \u201D

I am assuming that there is a space between singe and double quotes. < << and << < etc.

I have used the conversions you suggest:
Find Opening double quote << \u201C
Find Closing double quote >> \u201D

I can’t give any more time to this for now and there are significant other issues in the Paratext file that need to be addressed by the translators. We have agreed not to fix everything at this very early stage and I think the simplest solution would be for the translators to make the changes in Paratext.

Thanks for all the help and advice.