Convert variable bitrate audio file to constant bitrate

SAB 7.2 Build release 1 9 July, Wasta (Ubuntu 18.04)

I did an release in December 2019 and I’m doing an update of the same files for the latest SAB version. However when I asked SAB to build a new Android version of our Bible app I’ve got a list of about 50+ items to be corrected it is saying Convert variable bitrate audio file to constant bitrate. I didn’t get that the last time I built an android app so what has changed. The mp3 files are the same and the scripture files are the same nothing is changed except for SAB. What must I do to correct this

@LBible yes SAB has changed. If you look in the release notesfor SAB you will see:

  • Audio file handling

    • The app builder now warns if variable rate MP3 files are added.

I forget too but always good to read the release notes.

This is done as the Variable Bit Rate (VBR) MP3 files are know to loose sync with the text.

Within the App go to the Audio section and in the Audio Files tab highlight all the files you want to be Constant Bit Rate.

Then Right click on the selection and choose Convert Audio Files
Then select MP3 in the File format and leave the others the same. The output then should be Constant Bit Rate CBR

Or if you still have original WAV files you can use various encoders to convert to CBR MP3 files.

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