Copyright issue in latest SAB

I have just installed the latest update of SAB and now it is not allowing me to build the app because it detects the NIV is being used and it tells me to contact SAB support.
The other difficulty I am having is that it won’t let me delete the book collection either. I am building an app with 4 languages so I tried to simply delete the English for the time being as I was working improving images and other things not related to the text. I can delete the 66 books but not the whole English tab. When I do delete the books I am able to build the app but that will not open on my phone. A white box saying ‘reader’ appears over the splash screen and I can’t get past that. I don’t know if that is because there is an empty book collection or something else.
Please let me know what I need to do to proceed.
I can send screenshots if that would help.
Many thanks,
ps: I do have a copyright agreement with Biblica

Hi Craig,

We have enhanced some of the license checking in the latest version of SAB. I will email you with more details.


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