Correctly fine-tuned timings not working in HTML output or app

I’ve painstakingly synced a long song so it’s perfect in the fine-tune timings. When I export to HTML or build the app, the timings are way off, like it’s not looking at that timing file. The first verse is fine (including the intro musical interlude) but verse 2 and on is way off. If I go back to fine-tune, it’s still perfect. I can’t find the issue. It’s constant bitrate. The mp3 length matches. Viewing the page source of the HTML output, the timings listed there match the fine-tuned ones exactly, but the audio highlighting is not following them. When I play the audio in HTML, I can see the time counter at the bottom of the screen, and it’s easy to see that it is not highlighting at the correct second count, despite the underlying timing code. Any ideas? Thanks!

Richard Margetts helped me find out what was wrong. Here’s what he sent:

If you take a look at the source for the HTML viewer output, you will see that there are some blank sections being created which put the phrases out of sync:
It looks like this is happening because there are some trailing white-space characters (tabs) after some of the lines in the source SFM file.
If you edit the source SFM file for the songs and delete any trailing spaces or tabs from the ends of the lines, you will find that the HTML is created correctly and the timings are right too.
I tried this and now the song plays correctly with the timings.