Crash when trying to select text

My text is imported from a word document and the new 7.0.2 SAB app crashes when you hold down on the text. I think it may be trying to find a verse to share, then it’s crashing because it was imported via word?

Any ideas on this crashing?

I wonder if importing the text via a different format than word would reduce the overall crashing of the app.

I have a test app that has a DOCX import and it is not crashing. If you are willing to share your DOCX file I can test with that. Just let me know how I can get it in a Personal Message. Click on my icon.

7.0.3 is out with changes to stop crashing. Can you test with that?

Are you using Crosswalk?

What font are you using for this document?

Importing the docx without using Crosswalk I am not getting crashes on selecting text. I am getting tofu.

It’s Padauk font, I’ve been using crosswalk, but am thinking I might be able to get by without it. I’m guessing that will improve my app stability. I’ve got it working without Crosswalk on my device, but I’ll need to do some testing on older devices.

I tested with Crosswalk turned on and it crashed for me. So it does seem Crosswalk related.

Yes try without Crosswalk.

Any follow up on this? I am trying to do something with this font in SAB too and having problems with this font. It’s not crashing but it is not showing up correctly.