Cross Ref. marker and footnote marker Style changes

In the Styles tab, formatting for all pop-up link markers (cross reference, footnotes, glossary, parallel passage) seem to be grouped under the Style a:link. Because of this, it seems that there is no possibility to change features (such as underlining) for cross-reference or footnote markers while leaving them unchanged for glossary and parallel passage references links.

I would like to be able to use the * as a marker for cross references and footnotes, but when I do, it appears with an underline, unless I turn text decoration to ‘none’… but then all pop-up type markers no longer have underlines, which I don’t want.

Here’s a screenshot showing the underlined * (cross reference marker)

I could instead use the a,b,c,d… convention of marking cross references and footnotes and the underline would not look bad. This a,b,c,d… convention makes a lot of sense for a paper Bible, or even a digital document, but it doesn’t make much sense to me in a digital app where pop-ups are possible.

Thanks for helping with this detail… and as always thanks for your work on this awesome software!


I’d be surprised if you can’t do what you want. It is basically HTML like. Looking at the HTML output from SAB:

A Cross reference is like this:

And a Footnote is like this:

So in Styles > Footnotes > span.footnotes change text-decoration to none.

That should work.


Oop the code disappeared.

That code for cross ref:
<span class=“footnote selectable” id=“X-0”><sup>†</sup></span>

And for Footnote was:
<span class=“footnote selectable” id=“F-0”><sup>a</sup></span>


Thanks Ian!

I tried your suggestion with span.footnotes. It didn’t actually do anything (I guess a:link takes precedent), but it did get me thinking in the right direction!..

  • for a:link (Link), I set text decoration to none
  • for div.r a (Parallel Passage Ref. Link), I set text decoration to underline
  • for span.glossary, I set text decoration to underline

I now have cross references and footnotes that are not underlined while parallel passage ref. links and glossary links are.

This has accomplished all of my desires except one (which is more minor and I can let slide, since it really only occurs in the glossary)… Instances where a verse or span of verses (eg. Matt. 1:11 or Gal. 6-9) are referred to in the glossary. SAB marks these as links (and there is a popup when clicking on them), but I can’t find how to put an underline on these. a:link will do it, but it will also put an underline on my cross-references and footnotes, which I don’t want.

There is some helpful information here, but incomplete for my needs. Here’s the default for footnote caller, with superscript and underline:

I’ve followed the @NeilZubot suggestion above and now have a footnote caller without the underline, but it is still superscript. How would I remove the superscript? I see that if I modify the “span.footnote” style in the Footnotes style section, I can modify the properties of the footnote caller, but the <sup> tag seems to be imported from a higher level. Is there any way to turn that off? Any suggestions @mcquayi ?

Well, I found a work-around. If in the “span.footnote” style you use position:relative, you can use a negative offset for bottom and modify the font-size (in effect negating the <sup>) to approximate no superscript, e.g. (just rough values):


Of course this approach can cause uneven line spacing. It would be better if there was a way that you could turn off the <sup> for footnote callers…

@jeff_heath the <sup> is an HTML element. Elements are created by SAB when it processes the USFM. So there is no user option to change that. All you can hope to do is modify the properties/styles of that element. A <sup> element has default properties. The <sup> is used as it generally does what most people want without any extra styling.

Fighting with Flex, I found they don’t use <sub> but rather just position the character with a font-size, position-relative and from the top not the bottom.

What you have done just covers (almost) the same ground.

I love it when people solve their own problem.