Cross reference between collections

I am going to build an app, in which I am trying to give cross reference between different book collections instead of different books in single collection. E.g. I have two collection with the collection lebel as:
C01 (Collection 1 / Book of John with translation in language 1)
C02 (Collection 2/ Book of John with translation in language 2)
I want to show the translation of book of collection 2 with the cross reference in the book of collection 1, as both have translation in different languages, both are local languages and spoken in our area.
How it can be implemented?


Cross references are limited to the one collection. \xt MAT 4:16\xt*
You can hyperlink across collections with Markdown markup [Collection 2 Mat 4:16](C02.MAT.4.16)

You could put that into a footnote or \x ..\x* reference. No time to test just now.

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I’ll let you know after testing it.

Thanks for quick response.

Sorry @mcquayi

I have just tried but couldn’t be successful.
If you have some time, please test it and guide.

Thanks in anticipation

I also am having problems with linking across collections. Is the syntax above ‘C02.MAT.4.16’ correct?


The Markdown used to work with this syntax: [Collection 2 Mat 4:16](/C02/MAT.4.16), but somehow recently stopped working.

Should/can we use deep linking for that? It looks a bit of an over-kill.

@mcquayi could you have a look into this? Your support is much appreciated.