Cross-reference Bible support

Our translators have asked me about the inclusion of cross-references as they are considering printing a CR Bible.
In our current app there are CRs in footnotes and that all works fine. I am thinking of a separate list of CRs that would come after each verse, the ones often seen the in margins of Bibles when the footnotes are in the footer.
Would it be possible to have these as a separate category of footnotes with a separate caller? So a verse could have an * if it had a footnote and a + (or whatever) if it had CRs?
I have seen some apps where the CRs are simply listed at the end of a verse or paragraph. I think it would look better if they were not always displayed.

You might want to try Inline quotation reference(s) \rq ...\rq* instead of \x ...\x* if you want the reference visible

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To have 2 types of footnote (FN) or cross reference (CR) will make things more complicated.

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In the example below, I’ve set the in-paragraph CRs to have no caller with an \xo that would display the origin verse in print. The end-of-paragraph CRs will then have a caller with no need for a \xo since they will be close to their origin verse/paragraph.

\id REF
\toc1 Test crossrefs
\toc3 Test
\h Test crossrefs
\mt1 Test crossrefs
\c 1
\v 1 Some text.\f + \fr 1:1 \ft Footnote text\f* \x - \xo 1:1 \xt Test 1:1\x* Some more text.\x + \xt Test 1:1\x*

I set Footnote Caller to Default and Cross Reference Caller to a, b, c, d...

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To make crossrefs with a - (hyphen) visible, you have to set the caller to something other than Default.
Default seems to be the same as a, b, c, d… for FNs and CRs set to +.
a, b, c, d… forces it to show the caller and will follow in sequence so the CR following FN a will be CR b.

… and added a regex in Changes to change the end-of-paragraph CRs to footnotes with a * caller

\\x \+(.*?)\\x\*
\\f *\1\\f*


… with the result

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Thanks Greg, that is really helpful.
I’ll have to see what the files look like before I can do any experimenting. I don’t know if they are thinking end of paragraph or end of verse.