Cross reference confusion (or possible bug)

My underlying code looks like this:
\xt رکُوع 6 آیت 35‏-36|LUK 6:35-36\xt*
As of 10.3, this syntax should be supported (I think). At least, it’s doing something now which is a change. However, in the Viewer tab this is what I see:

In other words, the text of the xref is repeated twice with a colon between them. In the app, which I click the rightmost one it opens a popup at LUK 6:1 (so the wrong verse). If I click on the leftmost one, it does nothing.

Have I done something wrong, or is this a bug?

Incidentally, I thought maybe the problem was the verse range, but this creates a very similar result.
\xt رکُوع 17 آیت 22‏-31|ACT 17:22\xt*