Cross reference linking does not respect collection restrictions

Running SAB 8.2 (but with identical behavior in 8.1).

We have three collections, one primary with no restrictions (book collection is ALLOWED to be shown in single-panel view), and two secondary collections with restrictions (neither can be shown in single panel view, but can only be shown in two-panel view with unrestricted collection).

This works correctly: only the primary (unrestricted) collection is shown as an option in the Single Pane selection list, and all three collections are available in the Two Pane and Verse by Verse selection lists.

However, if I:

  1. go into Two Pane mode with a restricted collection in the lower pane,
  2. then I tap on a cross reference link in that restricted collection,

the link leads to that verse in a Single Pane with only the restricted collection showing (the collection from which I tapped the link). If I go to the pane/screen selection dialog (by tapping in the top right of the reading screen), it opens to the Singe Pane selection list, and shows the Unrestricted collection with a check mark next to it (even though that is not the collection actually displayed in the Single Pane). If I tap OK, the restricted (rather than the unrestricted) collection remains the one displayed in the reading panel. Only if I switch to Two Pane mode, then switch back to the Single Pane mode can I get the primary collection to show there again.

If, however, I am in Two Pane mode and I tap on a cross reference in the primary (unrestricted) collection, the app jumps to that verse still in Two Pane mode.

(As you can guess, under Features > References, links from the main screen and links from popup are set to “Display in the main viewer”.)