Cross reference to singel verse not working

The cross reference xt tag in Android App is not working correctly in SAB 4.7. We are using the xt tag in for example an introduction for references. The reference to a interval of verses is working just fine (Kol 4:14-15), but when specifying just one verse (Kol 4:14) it doesn’t work.

The problem is when there is just one verse, for example
\xt Kol 4:14\xt*
The screen pops up empty, see images below.

One workaround is to use a interval 14-14
\xt Kol 4:14-14\xt*.
Are there any other way to get around this problem?

That is good work showing an issue. It has the SFM source, the failed output and the expected output via a workaround.

I have seen similar on one app I was testing. But can’t find it just now. I’ll put it on the bug list and when I have more time I’ll confirm it is reproducible.

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Dear Mcquayi,

It may be a bug, I faced the same thing and I turned back to SAB 4.5 to get it work again!


Yes, I was about to report this issue, but see it is already reported and is going to be dealt with. Very good!
See forward to the improved version in its time.