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The text(verse) appears when the reference is clicked in the cross reference popup. But i want, Cross reference and also text(verse) should appear in cross reference popup when clicking on the CROSS REFERENCE COLLER. What to do so that the reference and text appear in the cross reference popup. Thank you. I am using this marker \xt Gen 1.1\xt*

I think the reason for not showing the text directly is that the \xt tag is supposed to take more than one cross reference e.g.

It would be confusing for the 4 references in this example to be expanded at the same time, and require a lot of scrolling. Some cross references contain a lot more than just 4.

Also, cross reference tags can contain more than just cross references, e.g. keywords, quoted text, etc.
See Cross References — Unified Standard Format Markers 3.0.0 documentation

Thank you Cooper for your response. For example, Genesis 1.1 contains 62 cross-references. If we only provide 62 links without verse to the user, it will be more difficult to press each hint and read. So I want to provide 62 references with verses in a single footnote popup. Screenshot is attached. If you have a better idea than this please share with me.

That looks like you need to create a footnote with the expanded text already in the footnote for that to happen e.g.

\f * \fk (59) \xt reference: \ft bible text for that reference \fp \fk (60) \xt reference: \ft more bible text for that reference ...

See Footnotes — Unified Standard Format Markers 3.0.0 documentation

Although, I’m not sure if the footnote paragraph \fp will work if it’s empty.
If this works, you can still click the \xt reference to actually load the reference which could then be expanded to the full window.

Alternatively, you could have a second book collection with just the expanded cross references and display them in spit screen view. You might have to be clever with the \xt's to open in the original Bible text and not the cross reference text, although, since it’s synchronized scrolling, you probably wouldn’t need to.

\c 1
\v 1 \xt reference\xt*: bible text for that reference
\v 2 \xt reference\xt*: bible text for that reference

Not sure if either will work.

Interesting. How to display content on the SPIT SCREEN. I do not know about Spit Screen. Is it in SAB?

cooper, please tell me link to other book collection. The link eg:
[click here](GEN 1.1) . how to insert other book collection name in this link. thanking you for your help.

Please start by going through the Building Apps documentation from the SAB resources page. See 9.1 Three different layouts. If you have added more than one translation / book collection to SAB, you will be able to have different views:

9.1. Three different layouts

Multiple translations can be displayed in the app in one of three layouts:

  1. Single Pane: view one translation at a time, in the same way as you would in an
    app with a single translation.
  2. Two Pane: view two translations at a time. In portrait mode, the translations will
    be displayed one on top of the other. In landscape mode, the translations will be
    displayed side by side. The user can drag the separator line up/down or left/right
    to change the amount of screen space allocated to each translation.
  3. Verse-by-Verse: view two or three translations at a time, with each being
    displayed verse by verse, i.e. verse 1 in translation A, followed by verse 1 in
    translation B, verse 2 in translation A, verse 2 in translation B, etc. The different
    translations will be displayed in different colour fonts


In the 2 pane suggestion above, you won’t need to link to the other book collection if you do not allow single pane view for the book collections.

9.3. How to configure the Layouts dialog

To configure what the user will see within the Layouts configuration dialog:

  1. Select the Books node for the app in the treeview on the left of the SAB screen.
  2. Go to the Layouts tab.
  3. Choose the default layout and default book collections for each layout type. You
    can choose to allow the user to select between any of the layout types (Single
    Pane, Two Pane and Verse-by-Verse) or only one or two of these.

Link to another book in the same book collection like this:

[click here](gen.1.1)

so linking to another book collection might work like this:

[click here](book_collection_short_name.gen.1.1)

“GEN 1.1” will work in an \xt, or even without \xt tags if your files are from a Paratext Projects folder and the book abbreviations and chapter/verse settings have been setup correctly e.g.

Yes, always thank you for your help. I’ve already tried this: - [Cross Ref GEN 1.1:](C02/GEN 1.1) (Here ‘C02’ is a second book collection ID. It has already worked. (Book collection short name not working) There is a problem here too. I use the phone back button when moving between layouts. Here the app crashes. i think its because of above link. Thank you Cooper

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Thanks for the hint about the book collection ID. Very useful.