Custom Book Group Names

The book group names “OT” & “NT” are translatable in the Interface Translation, but the team would like the group names to be in the local language regardless of the interface language. I was able to change group from “OT” to the local translation “पुरानो कबुल”, but in the Book menu it shows up as: “Book_Group_पुरानो कबुल”, not what I was hoping for.

Is there a better way to do this?

What do you have in the Interface tool, the Translations tab? For example, I have an app where I want the book group name in English when the UI is English, but in the local language for any other UI language (e.g. French). So I have:

When the interface is French, the group names that appear are just what is in the right-hand cells there.

What you have showing up looks more like the “Phrase Id” than one of the translations. Maybe if you have an empty cell for a translation, it will just put in the Phrase Id? Maybe you can show us a screen shot of your configuration, like my screen shot above?

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