Customised Design - Worksheet


SAB is amazing! Thanks again for such a good tool. I am wondering if it will be possible to create a document that specify all the design requirements that needs to be done in order to have a complete customised app.

This would summarise all the design that needs to be ‘ordered’ or ‘delegated’. For example it would includes:

  • Icon dimensions and file format for Android
  • Icon dimensions and file format for iOS
  • Splash screen …
  • Navigation Drawer …
  • etc.

This could then easily be used as a Design checklist but also used by the designer as a requirement list.



Have you seen the App Publishing Checklist?

Thanks Chris, yes I have seen this checklist, which is very useful. What I was thinking was more a document summarising all designs requirement, as in most cases this will need to be outsourced and having a document that describes all the dimensions in one place would be quite handy.

Feel free to disagree :wink: