Customized reordering of questions (Reference field)

It would be helpful to have a way to set a certain order (or override the default order) for questions.

For example, right now the default in the Reference field is for PRO 5:21-23 to precede 5:23, but this is not ideal; 5:23 should be asked before 21-23 since the question in 21-23 is about the whole section and intended to be asked last.

In an effort avoid this problem, the range 21-23 in Reference was changed to only 23…but that does not necessarily solve the problem either, since there is another question for 23 which ends up following rather than preceding the section question.


For questions tied to a single verse, it should be possible to control the order they appear (though unfortunately it is not possible to change the order after they have been added) However, the other (potentially more serious) problem with changing the question to tie it to a single verse is that the script will then only contain the text of that one verse. In the case of this question, the reader really needs the text of verses 4-23 to answer the question, so presumably it is desirable to have that entire passage precede the question. I think the answer is probably to give a way to specify a specific reference for sorting which would override the reference range for that purpose but still allow the question to specify the correct range of text to output in the script. Probably not too hard to do…