Daily Scripture reading plan?

I’m interested to hear whether anyone has used SAB or RAB for publishing a daily Bible reading plan. It would be (yet another) way of engaging the community and might even get them to share thoughts on the passage with each other.

This is a good idea! Built-in reading plans would be nice.

We’ve considered doing a daily reading plan integrated with our Facebook page and Messenger Bot. Once SAB has the deep-linking feature, we’d like to create a Messenger bot sequence that asks our subscribers if they would like to read a certain amount of scripture each day and then provide them the deep link to that chapter, which would open in their Bible app.

I’ll add my vote - we use a USFM based daily reading calendar in our scripture apps - we have many postive comments on its usefulness but no data as yet on its impact on scripture engagement. SAB has been a blessing with its flexibility to link extras such as a reading calendar to the scriptures :smile:

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Wonderful! This kind of functionality is being requested by my co-worker in North Africa only he is asking that the scripture sections would be randomly selected from the limited set of verses that he has translated into the local language. I would think that a pre-designed reading plan would also be valuable. I would love to see this functionality added to the SAB if it isn’t there already. On the other hand, if there is a work around or if this functionality already exists, I would like to learn about it.


Please tell me how I can learn about the USFM based daily reading calendar.

Hi Ray,
Here is a link to a “moodle” site we use in PNG to share some info on building with SAB. The link goes to the reading calendar section.

Wonderful! That is extremely helpful.
Thank you for documenting this.

We adapted a Reading plan from Bill Dyck. download here

This is like another Bible book we put at the end after the glossary. You need to change the Bible book names, and Title (eg 1 year reading plan), Date, Month names, scripture reference to common terms for your language.

Making it easy to add Daily Reading Plans is definitely on the ‘To Do List’ for SAB.

If you have ideas as to how the screens should look and how the user should interact with them, please let us know and send us your sketches and mock-up designs. Thanks!

What would really be great is an optional button either on the main taskbar and/or at the top of the reading passage list . The button would just say “Today’s Passage” and taping it would take the user straight to that passage (even starting the audio).


We have added a Reading/Listening plan to a new SAB app, the plan is adapted from the plans of @Bill_Dyck @laurief.

Here is the link to that Bible App in Google Play Store

If any one wish to have the USFM file, please let me know and I can share that to you. (I don’t find an option to upload it here.)

@richard - Are you asking about the screens in the App builder, or how the plan should appear in the app?

Some ideas as to how the plan should appear in the app would be helpful. Thanks!

The best would be if it works somewhat like a reading plan in YouVersion ie you go to a ‘Read’ tab and then the reading for that day appears, rather than having a list.

Re. the SFM file, it’s possible to use the 'Extra; XXA etc. area of Paratext for this, then folk don’t have to adapt the references as it’s all automatic. Just titles need çhanging:

\mt2 Adam ata

\ref GEN 1:1-31

\ref GEN 2:1-25

\ref GEN 3:1-24

\ref GEN 4:1-26

\ref GEN 5:1-5

\r $(GEN 1:1-5:5)

The one with the ‘dollar’ sign displays whatever ref. is correct in the local language. The ones without simply put the text in without a reference.

This is another example where the community is using USFM based Reading plan for their Lent Bible Reading Campaign
Mar Thoma Church Great Lenten Lectionary 2020

I used some of the helpful information in this thread to create a SFM reading plan for the Catholic daily lectionary for 2021.
I also used SAB’s Verse of the Day Notifications to direct people to the reading plan book (chapter and verse = month and day).
Rather than edit the notification in SAB, I made a txt file and imported it. The txt file looks like this:
It might be nice if the SAB Daily Reminder had the option of directing people to a particular book, chapter, verse. If there was that functionality, then I would be able to use both the standard Verse of the Day as intended, and the Daily Reminder for linking to the Daily Reading.