Daily Verse List

I’ve been thinking about this new feature. As I understand the current set-up the feature allows you to give a list of verses for each day of the year, with that same list repeating each year, although for special days you can have it give different verses for future years. I’m wondering whether it might be possible to give a list for several years, say 3-4, so that the user gets new verses for several years before it repeats the cycle. Has anyone thought much about this? I found a web site that has daily verses for a cycle of 4 years. I imagine You Version has a list that it cycles through. It’s not a simple task to generate such lists. Perhaps we could collaborate with others who are already producing these lists and see if they would be willing to share them. These lists could then be adjusted by the local team as they want to, but it would not be as big a job as producing an entirely new list or set of lists. I noticed that in the SAB list one of the daily verses is Deu 5:17 “You shall not murder.” That strikes me as an interesting choice for a daily verse. It caused me to realize that what feels “right” for a daily verse is probably somewhat subjective and culturally defined.