Data Safety CSV available in App Builders 10.3 and Scriptoria

If you look at the release notes for App Builders 10.3 (SAB, RAB, DAB, KAB), you will see an new feature Responses to Data Safety questions:

  • When publishing an Android app on Google Play, you need to answer a set of Data Safety questions, telling your users which data is collected and why. To help you answer these questions correctly, on the menu select ‘Build’ > ‘Export Data Safety to CSV’ to create a CSV file which can be imported into the Google Play developer console for the app.

Scriptoria has been updated to have the App Builder generate the Data Safety CSV and the list of instructions in the Create App Store Entry step has been updated to specify how to use it.

  • Under the Data safety section, click the Start link.
    • Download the Data Safety CSV by clicking on the entry with type data-safety-csv in the Product Files grid view.
    • Click the Import from CSV button at the top of the page.
    • In the Import from CSV dialog, click on the Upload link and select the downloaded Data Safety CSV (or drag and drop the file into the file upload area).
    • Click the Submit button at the bottom of the page.
    • Click the App content link at the top of the page to go back.

I hope this helps with reporting the Data Safety on Google Play.


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@ChrisHubbard I tried this today but I’m getting two errors, see this:


Do you know what the problem can be? It’s an app with Deep Linking but not with Analytics. Thanks

Sorry, Google has changed something here. To resolve this issue, edit your csv file and find the lines with:


Look for the Response column and delete the contents of the cell for each of these.

We will fix this in the next version.

Thank you @richard

I tried it with an app that has deferred Deep Linking and uses Multiple APKs. Google came back to me rejecting the app. Apparently some IDs are collected and the Data Safety form misses it.

Thank you, @Friedo, for sharing this. Yes, when Deep Linking is turned on, the library makes use of a device ID. We will make sure that the data safety answers take this into account in the next version of SAB.

In the meantime, here are the answers you need to give for the use of the device ID:

Thanks @richard ! Well, the list on the Branch website includes various things that may not be part of how SAB uses Branch so it’s a bit difficult to know exactly what to select. I tried my best though :slight_smile: