Date range turned into reference?

I have a timeline in a NT appendix, built with tables, and some of the date fields have a date range, like this:

\tr \tc1 1.200—1.030 \tc2 Njégangta-je kɨ́ gay-gay...

This is coming out like this:

I’ve tried some different characters, n-dash, m-dash (what is shown above), hyphen, but they all seem to get turned into a colon to make it a reference in the app.

Any suggestions for how to make that not get interpreted as a reference?

OK, so I believe that n-dash, m-dash, hyphen, and non-breaking hyphen all result in this same problem.

Workaround: But it appears that
doesn’t result in this problem. So I have to change all of those date range hyphens into “figure dash” U+2012.