Deep linking generation from highlighted & shared verse

For the apps that have the Deep-linking feature activated, when we highlight a verse, and select the share function, it would be great if the (deferred) deep-link is generated for that verse. This can be useful way to promote the usage of the app in social media.

I was also thinking of adding a similar request. Not necessarily deep-linking but a customisable message for when a verse is shared. So you can say something like ‘read for yourself at…’ or ‘download the app here…’

I agree. This would be a very helpful feature!

I would also like to see this feature! (sorry can’t vote since I am over the limit).

In Scripture App Builder 7.0, if you have deferred deep linking defined, a deep link will be added to shared verses.

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It would be nice if when sharing an audio clip or a video, that a deep link would be included. Right now I don’t think there is any link added. There’s only a link when it’s a text share.

In Scripture App Builder 7.1, a deep link is added when you share images from the Verse on Image editor. If it is possible, we will look into doing this for videos in a future version.

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