Deep Linking Into SAB

I see that the SAB website mentions that deep linking into the apps, allowing web links to a book and chapter of the app is a feature that is potentially being worked on for the future. I just want to bring that here to this page and add my vote for that.

Yes, we are definitely planning to add this feature soon.

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Can you provide any hint on how soon this feature and/or the next release of SAB will be?

Deep linking feature - add ability for users to share deep links to content in the app, so people receiving text and/or audio snippets of content via sharing will have easiest path to get the app and engage fuller content.

deep links should support going to language/book/chapter/verse (where language applies only to multi-language apps)

Also if the app is not installed, then it should take user to the app download page in Google Play Store or other relevant app store (FCBH/Sciptoria etc.)

Would love to see the deep linking feature added to SAB. Do you have a timeline for that release?


I heard that some work has been done with regard of deep linking feature and this will be soon available in a subsequent release of SAB.

Great work SAB team!

Yes, we expect deep linking to be available in Scripture App Builder 5.7, next month.

This will allow you to send people links such as or mamarabible://JHN.3.16, to open up the app at John 3:16.

You will also be able to make use of Branch ( for deferred deep linking.

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Yahoo! I see the deep linking feature made available in SAB 6.0 released today!

Deep linking feature was working for me (in apps with no Contents Menu).

But in apps with a Contents Menu Screen, the deep linking feature is just taking us to the Contents Menu screen only.

Have any one tried out Deep linking with an app having Contents Menu Screen?

Sorry, currently the Contents screen gets in the way of deep linking working. This has been fixed for the next version of SAB.

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I am trying to get the deep linking working from a Reading app builder app to Scripture. It does not seem to work for me. I have screen shots of what I am doing in hopes that someone can help me figure this out.

It looks like it has worked in the Reading app builder app with a link that has the right color but when I click the link it does not go to the installed SAB app, no response at all.

First picture is the Bible App
Second is the Reading app builder app showing the contents of the file that has the hyperlink in it
Third is the Actual reading app builder app.
Finally is the Word document showing the hyperlink that represents the deep link

@Mike_Cochran The Custom URL form is not working for me either. Use the HTTPS form. The Custom form may be phone dependent.

Sorry, there is a bug in the current version for custom URI formats that contain hyphens,
i.e. “my-bible://Mat.11.28” does not work.

It works OK when there is no hyphen, e.g. “mybible://Mat.11.28”.

This will be fixed in the next version of SAB.

Thanks both of you.

Richard, I did take out the hypens changing the deep link to “keleyibible://” but it still did not work. When I used the URL link, that worked for me.