Deep links in YouTube descriptions

Does anyone know of a way to get deep links to work in YT descriptions?
I have used a screen recorder to create a video of my SAB app reading a few chapters. I have put it on YouTube and have put the deep links for the references of the first verses in the description. When I click on the deep link from the YouTube app on my phone it does not try to open the app or even give you the option, it only opens up the url in their proprietery browser.
In my description, I also have a link for the Play Store listing and this also opens in a website rather than opening the Play Store app itself.
I’m guessing that there is no way around it if Google’s own deep links do not work.
In case you want to see it, the video is here: (it is only a trial version, it is an idea to have 365 daily readings to take you through the Bible)