Default Font Issue

Hey all, I desperately need help with figuring out why I can’t get my default font to show up. I’ve numbered my problems below:

  1. One of my beta testers has an older Google Pixel (probably 4 years old) and it doesn’t even show the “font selector” in the menu bar. It shows in mine, but not on his. Any ideas why?

  2. A font that I haven’t imported opens as default. If I change the font in the global styles for “body” nothing happens or changes. If I change the default font for the book collection it doesn’t fix it. If I change the font for “body” in the book collection styles it doesn’t change either.

I attached a picture to show how the correct font does not default and that the “font selector” in the menu bar defaults to select nothing. This is a big issue because the default font is not NEARLY as readable in Bengali and I’ve been getting that feedback from beta testers.

Hi there, I’m wondering if you found a solution to this, as I’ve been looking at a project that has a similar issue.

There are a couple of possible issues that I’ve found; one is when several fonts have been added to and removed from the project; they can leave “phantom” fonts that cause problems. Another issue can be when book or collection styles have been customized, but I haven’t located what causes that yet. (I found if I removed all custom styles, the font problems went away; but I haven’t gone through the process of adding them back one by one to find the problem style/s - these might be more phantom fonts in the styles)

The phantom fonts did not show up in SAB itself, but when I looked inside the .appDef file, they would be in the list of allowed fonts for a collection, e.g. “font7” and “font8”, which did not exist in the Font list, and the list in the app would have blank entries, as your image shows

I never resolved this unfortunately. From what you’re saying, it sounds like a bug. I’m not sure we’ll be able to get the developers attention.

@ChrisHubbard who can we direct this bug to? Thank you for the help!

You can create a ticket through SAB Support. I would zip up the .appDef and the _data folder in the same folder, upload to a file sharing service (Google Drive or Dropbox) and include a link to the files.


I would suggest trying this (after zipping the project and uploading for the SAB Support bug report) :
First, backup your project.
Then, remove all custom fonts from your project. Remove any references to those fonts in Text Font, or custom styles in the Book Collections or Books. Make sure all the books in the collection are set to “use the same fonts as specified for the book collection”. We’re trying to remove any reference to old fonts in the project.
Save the project, and close the project (this is important, otherwise SAB “remembers” the old fonts somehow). Maybe even shut down SAB and restart.
Reopen the project, add the fonts again. Assign the font to the book collection it is for.

If you want to show me what’s in the appDef, you could open the .appDef file in a text editor, do a search for this:

<font-choice type="selected">

and paste the resulting line(s) with the surrounding lines here for us to look at, to see if we can see anything wrong. Mine looks like this:

    <font-choice type="selected">

Also post a picture of the Fonts in your project so we can see what should be there:

Another thing to check: make sure the font files are actually located in the _data/fonts directory