Default Font Issue

Hey all, I desperately need help with figuring out why I can’t get my default font to show up. I’ve numbered my problems below:

  1. One of my beta testers has an older Google Pixel (probably 4 years old) and it doesn’t even show the “font selector” in the menu bar. It shows in mine, but not on his. Any ideas why?

  2. A font that I haven’t imported opens as default. If I change the font in the global styles for “body” nothing happens or changes. If I change the default font for the book collection it doesn’t fix it. If I change the font for “body” in the book collection styles it doesn’t change either.

I attached a picture to show how the correct font does not default and that the “font selector” in the menu bar defaults to select nothing. This is a big issue because the default font is not NEARLY as readable in Bengali and I’ve been getting that feedback from beta testers.