Default opening of project showing everything - not needed

Could SAB be set up to open a project without all the folders open to start with? The following picture seems to be the new default view.

It was good to have them open the first time we used the new build system, but now, it’s less than ideal. We end up closing most of the folders every time. Normally, one doesn’t need to go back and edit something in each folder. Usually, it’s just one - maybe two folders.

It would be much more convenient if it opened like the following picture and we could open what we need to get to.


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Try closing SAB and re-opening. My folders all close when I do this.

Good tip and it worked. However, I’m literally in SAB / Scriptoria all day every day. I would still like to see this default changed or an optional switch somewhere letting us decide how to open a project. I don’t want to close SAB each time I’m opening a project. Right now that is a few or more every hour. And each time it’s closed I have to go back through the Login process.

I completely agree Dan.