Delete menu items in the navigation drawer?

I know that I’m not really using Scripture App builder as intended, but I’m using it to display video files with no text at all.

Since there’s no text, I don’t need almost any of the buttons in the navigation drawer: Search, History, Bookmarks, Notes, Highlights, Text appearance. Is there any way to get rid of all of these buttons, or get rid of the navigation drawer altogether?

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In the Features section, you can disable Highlighting, Notes and Bookmarks. This will remove them from the drawer as well. There is also a tab for Search and History. You can disable those.

I don’t think there is a way to remove the Text appearance or the entire drawer.

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Mostly under Features (Annotations as above):

  • Features > History
    Disable history

  • Features > Search
    Disable search features

  • Features > Formatting
    Turn off text formatting settings

  • Book Collection > Sharing
    Turn off text relelated sharing

Not sure if that covers it all. You might have to hide some things with UI styles.


This was all very helpful :slight_smile:

After following all the advice above, there were still four menu items: Share App, Settings, Text Appearance, and About

The final item in Settings was the “Keep Screen on” checkbox. The final item in Text Appearance was the buttons to change from Normal-Dark-Sepia versions of the app. I don’t think we should take away the “About” button. The only other thing was the Share App button. It’s not a big deal for my current project, but I’d like to know if it’s possible to turn off.

Summary: How to remove all navigation drawer buttons besides “Share App” and “About” (sorry, no pictures)

  1. Features Menu
    – Formatting Tab: Under “Text Size” uncheck first 3 boxes
    – Annotations Tab: Under “Annotation Features” uncheck first 3 boxes
    – History Tab: Uncheck “Enable the History Screen”
    – Search Tab: Uncheck “Show search icon and allow searching”
    – Settings Tab: Under “User Interface” uncheck “Keep screen on”
  2. Colors → Color Scheme Tab: Uncheck the 3 boxes under “Color Themes”
  3. Books → Main Collection → Sharing Tab: Uncheck Everything

As Greg suggested above you could sort of hide the rest by making the text the same colour as the background.
Styles>User Interface Styles>Drawer> Drawer Item Text
and change the text colour to ‘DrawerBackgroundColour’.
That is just a guess, I have not tried it myself.

Rather add

visibility: hidden;

to the CSS.

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