Diff shortcut

Is there a reason why ctrl-d prints a Diff pdf on the Finishing tab, but not from elsewhere?

If not, I’d like to request that as a new feature.

The reason: I’d like to make a change, say to a style, and test it immediately without navigating anywhere else (and then needing to navigate back if I don’t like the change).

Nice suggestion, @mjames! However, I decided that a more elegant solution was called for, and have just implemented that for release in the next version.

Notice that there is no Create “Diff” PDF button any more, so there is no need to use Ctrl+D to print a Diff; just use Ctrl+P as usual, and if the option is enabled, you’ll get the Diff processing. [But the Ctrl+D shortcut will just toggle that setting for you.]

This also helps to simplify the Basic View slightly:


Overall, I trust that this is more intuitive than the old way of doing things.

This is wonderful! Thanks for the amazingly fast implementation.