DIifferent Copyright Fields

What is the difference between using the About page for all the copyright info and the more specific Copyright fields for the book collection?

I am able to see the About text in the app, but unable to find the text I entered for the book collection.

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I would be interested in knowing the answer to this question as well.

Good question, i would be interested too to know the answer

In SAB 4.6, please see the section on the About Page in the ‘Building Apps’ manual. This outlines a set of variables that you can use in the About page, which are defined in the Copyright and Licensing page.

You should be able to use these same variables in book footers.

Hi @richard , I have tried to align the footer to the centre.
The variables that works for me in the About section do not work in the footer.
Hyperlinks work, but not aligning.

It was pointed out to me that there is text align option in the styles tab, if that doesn’t work open styles in the book collection.