Display of linked text when user selects a Scripture reference

In our app, for parallel passage references we have used the traditional colon ( : ) separator between chapter and verse references and have used commas within verse lists that follow the colon. Those all work perfectly in the app. However, for all other references (in footnotes and glossary entries; more than 800 to date) we have used the local language equivalent of, for example, “John 14 verse 6 to 10” as preferred by our local language teammates. This was not an issue in past releases of SAB even though, say, only “John 14” would be the entire active link, because the entire chapter would display in the pop-up. We liked that because the verses could always be read in context. In the current version, however, all such links display no text in the pop-up, but only the option to jump to the referenced chapter in the main window. Though it tracks pretty well to trace back with the “back” arrow, if it might be possible to again display the entire chapter in the pop-up or make that a feature selection option, we think it would be helpful to the reader.

This seems to be a feature loss bug.

Can you send some code to test this with offline?

Ang ibig sabihin…? What can I send, Ian? :slight_smile: Or was that directed to someone else? Thanks.

Please see the UTF-8 file mdh.txt, which has copies of our Matthew 16 (Mataya 16), John 3 (Yuhan 3), Romans 1 (Ruma 1), and the Glossary (Maena nu Mangadalem a Kadtalu) entry for Messiah (Masih).

In the first sentence of Romans 1:1 is a link to the glossary entry for Masih. In the glossary entry for Masih, there is a link to Matthew 16 (verse 16) at the very end of the entry.

In Romans 1:17, in the footnote at the end of the verse, there are links to Mataya 16 and Yuhan 3. Also, there are links to parallel passages at a couple of places in Mataya 16, but I’m not including the passages they link to.

Please let me know if this will serve the purpose, or if you need more (or less). Or, if you would like me to send the complete app (and how to do it in a useful form).

…I don’t see how to upload the file, so will send it to you offline.